Real or Fake- Betrayal and Mistake
Real or Fake- Betrayal and Mistake anxiety stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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I feel so numb Why did I trust you?

i am NOT going to kill myself . i didn't cut either but i want to. i've been betrayed one time to many

Real or Fake- Betrayal and Mistake

I feel so numb

Why did I trust you?

I feel so dumb

I thought you were real

I opened up to you after a big struggle

I thought you cared about me and my feelings

Ive been proven wrong you don’t care

It didn’t even cross your mind how it would affect me

We were laughing one night mine were real laughs

I'm not sure about yours

You led me on thinking it was all okay

When you knew the havoc your were gonna release

My life isnt the same it never will be

You hurt me, my family and friends

I considered you a mother figure to me

Clearly my mistake -don't worry I learned my lesson

The fact you don't care how I feel is like your killing me

Stabbing my heart over and over

Is one blindsided blow not enough for you?

Do you need to hurt me more to feel satisfied?

Im left here questioning why

While you are out

Living your life

I understand now i'm not good enough for you

Were your words ever true and genuine?

Should I believe all the “advice” you gave me?

This is the worst hurt by far

It's so debilitating

In a coffin is where I wish I was laying

Betrayal is a bitch and so are you

I'll just have to go get stitched

The pain in my heart had to be released

I've made a cut deep enough to release the pain

But I can never release it all

Your betrayal cut me in two

Now i'm unsure if I can power through

Would it even be worth it?

The pain will never be invisible to me

The mistakes are so unrelenting

So I guess this is my ending, goodbye life and “friends”

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