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kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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This is MY STORY and my triumph I have not had the best past but I'm proud to say I'm in recovery ( please no judgement)

My story

by kassaundrachur1

I have been bullied every year since first grade

Called names like ugly fat bitch slut these thing stuck with me

I was finally happy my 6th grade year

Then summer came and I went to visit my uncle for the first time ever he was 63 I was 11

We had a great day and I had the brilliant idea of sleeping

I'm his truck

I woke up to him melesting me

I told my parents and he went to jail for 5 years

My parents didn't tell me when he got out

Shortly after my assault I began cutting myself

It was my way of relief

At first it was just one or two. Then 10

Soon I was cutting up to 10 times a day with nearly 100 cuts each time

My body was covered yet nobody cared

I got depressed

I continued to cut all through 7th and 8th grade

In 8th grade the bullying got bad I got called fat a lot

I began to starve myself

I lost quiet a bit of weight

And then high school year came and I was 8 months clean from

Cutting then I relapsed badly a boy I met in 6th grade that I was dating cheated on me and lost his virginity to another girl while dating me

I wanted to die it was then that I had my third suicide

Attempt I failed again and I was miserable

I now have an amazing supportive church!

I am 3 days clean from cutting I'm still not eating very much

This church has honestly turned my life around

They are always there for me

God has helped me through so much its unimaginable

I'm gettin better and closer to God

This is my story please don't judge!

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