I'm tired in more ways than one 😞
I'm tired in more ways than one 😞 suicide stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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one simple word can having different meanings and hold the pain of a thousand scars.

I'm tired in more ways than one 😞

I'm so tired

Not only from the hard day

But from the hellish night

I lay in bed every night

As I close my eyes my soul cries

As the flashbacks creep in

Ever so vivid

Like I've relived it

Every touch

Every smell

Every inch of fear

All I can do is shake

All i can do is cry

Again and again, I beg for it to stop

But it doesn't it keeps replaying again and again

Taking pieces of my soul slowly with it

My will to live deteriorates

My aching heart with it

I feel the need to cut

Maybe then I'll feel okay

Maybe then I'll feel awake

Maybe then I can escape

Oh what a fool I am

To think I can escape

I can never escape

I'm in a prison

With a life sentence to my name

Maybe I should just end it

Something I might regret

But I would have paid my debt

Everyday I go home

I look in the mirror

I cry

I think you are ugly

You are fat

I want to die

And the worst thing is the next day

It doesn't end

It just happens all over again

And again

And again

Until finally I give in

Into the urge to cut

To see the blood

To feel the pain

To feel the relief

To know I deserve this pain

To know I deserve it

Because I am a disappointment

I am an anorexic

I am a cutter

And much more..

But most of all

To everyone

I am the one thing I try my hardest not to be

A 'disappointment' is the title I receive from those around me

I'm all alone and surrounded by darkness

I can't fight anymore the darkness wins

The End

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