I'M brOKen
I'M brOKen hurt stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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This is a 2 person perspective on what faking a smile can hide
i had to write this for english class it is actually a shakespearean sonnett but it hold a lot of feeling in it
it uses the rhyme scheme ABABCDCDEFEFGG. my teacher was actually really concerned about me when she read this so i had to hide it that i was not okay.
sorry guys for not posting a lot lately . i got my phone taken away so i haven't really had access to the internet. I've also been working on my mental health a lot lately. i will really try to post more often again. i love you all STAY STRONG XXX

I'M brOKen

by kassaundrachur1

when you look at her you see a sunshine

all I feel is darkness on the inside

You would not think she has thoughts of suicide

sometimes i don't know if there is a light

You see all of her long sleeves each day

it seems like my life is just deteriorating

you don't know her heart is fading away

I feel like my mind is so enslaving

You think her life is perfect as can be

I don't see my life getting any better

But you only see what she wants you to see

I will just keep living in a sweater

people never see the true dark inside

it will scare them to death if I show it

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