"I Have "
"I Have " triumph stories

kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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All pictures are of me and my scars/cuts . Yes I've been through a lot . I've not had an easy day at all but I know one day I will be okay . Maybe not today or tomorrow or even a year from now but one day I will be okay and so will you

"I Have "

by kassaundrachur1

I have scars I'll never show

I have more secrets than you'll ever know .

But through it all I am here

I've come far but I do still fear

I'm the night and during the day

Many hours crying I lay

I have moments when I do still shake

I have times when happiness I do fake

I will never be the same

But look how far I have came

With my supporters by my side

I'll soon make y'all glow with pride

I've messed up and I've fell down

But my strength I have found

One day I will look back and say

"Now I've come a mighty long way "

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