Hearts Shattered, Lives Altered
Hearts Shattered, Lives Altered best friend stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Just a normal day Heading home from school

I lost my best friend last week :(

Hearts Shattered, Lives Altered

Just a normal day

Heading home from school

A sudden text tone from my phone

Reading “ I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

My heart stopped beating

A phone call and a revving engine

A tear falling

Their beautiful daughter, my best friend barely breathing

A trail of blood drops on the floor

Her dad holding her in his arms

Rushing to the car

Rushing in the doors yelling “ doctor I need a doctor!!”

The monitor beeping

Commotion commencing

Blood transfusion dispensing

A vein that a blade went through

“Rush her to the Operating Room quick”

I hear the doctor exclaim his voice shakily

Tears falling, hearts racing, minds wondering

Hour passing feels like years

Footsteps approaching

Words echoing



Gravestone engraving her name

My best friend

Their daughter

A young soul is gone forever

A pause in life for everyone who knew her

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