Goodbye ! 💔
Goodbye ! 💔  self harm stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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This is basically a suicide note in a way but I'm truly sorry for everyone who was hoping for me to recover I just can't I have no will to live anymore . I'm sorry . Love you all stay strong my honeys

Goodbye ! 💔

by kassaundrachur1

So I haven't been the best

Depression is giving me unrest

I just can't keep going

Guys I am really really sorry

This life is becoming too much for me

To handle . Wednesday my best friend passed away

I had to find out through my church and bawled my

Eyes out screaming in tears for at least half an hour

People are telling me I'm weak for missing him he was nothin

That I'm nothing and should kill myself and join him

I might actually do that .

Nobody would miss me . Im sorry everyone

This could possibly be my last post for a while or forever .

I just can not handle life anymore

I deserve pain and death.

Again I'm sorry guys . Don't miss me

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