Golden Fur, Spring Break, Summer Haze.
Golden Fur, Spring Break, Summer Haze. sonnet stories
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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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In my college english class we were told to write a Sonnet using an iambic pentameter and this is what i created.

Honestly I think this is like the only positive poem that i have EVER written lol

Golden Fur, Spring Break, Summer Haze.

The fur on the dog does bounce up, up, down.

His feet frolic lightly on the cold ground.

The mud hitting his legs, painting a crown.

The rain running down his back falling so, so sound.

Rain stops, sun shine, new day he surely finds.

Spring begins, flowers amend smell of grass he breathes in.

Sitting there, quietly stare, rose aroma he smells the grind.

Clouds creep in, sun descends tomorrow evening we begin.

Sun rises, water trickles, leash cackles a new day hooray.

Leash clicks so quick, out the door after the stick.

Joyous stick in my mouth, spring excitement running out.

Stick is thrown woops! I trip, turns into a trick.

A long spring of play so many awesome days.

I guess this spring counts as my summer haze.

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