Dear Abigail
Dear Abigail  abortion stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Dedicated to Abigail . My little angel will never be forgotten ! 😇😇

Dear Abigail

by kassaundrachur1

They say there is a reason

They say time will heal

Nether time nor reason

Will change the way I feel

Gone are the days

We used to share

But in my heart

You are always there

The gates of memories

Will never close

I miss you more than

Anybody knows

Love and miss you everyday

Till we meet again

Always and forever love you Abigail

Backstory: when I was 13 I was gang raped and ended

Up getting pregnant and having an abortion it's coming up on what would've been her second birthday . I hate myself for aborting and I miss my girl everyday this was very hard to write

And lately it's been very hard to keep loving when I don't even want to move or breath but I'm doing it for her ! Always in my heart Abigail

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