Anxiety is
Anxiety is  anxiety stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Anxiety is real

Anxiety is

Anxiety is crawling into the corner praying you'll be able to hide the fear behind your eyes

Anxiety is deciding whether you want to live or die every 5 minutes because you said the wrong answer or you stuttered

Anxiety is not leaving your house for fear of people seeing every single imperfection you think exist

Anxiety is overthinking an answer on a test until it is wrong

Anxiety is picking at your arms because you feel insecure

Anxiety is not being able to bring yourself to eat because you are convinced everybody is silently judging you

Anxiety is NOT cute or adorable anxiety is hell

Anxiety is being scared of everyone leaving you so you push them away so they can't leave you

Anxiety is deciding whether to lie about the question containing only 3 words "how are you"

Anxiety is saying "I'm fine " when you really want to die

Anxiety is crippling

And anyone who lives with it daily is stronger than imaginable

Anxiety is real

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