Am I skinny now?
Am I skinny now?  stories

kassaundrachur1I write about serious issues in society
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So many girls these day are worried about their weight most until it Kills them get help now while u can

Am I skinny now?

by kassaundrachur1

They say so many words but they don't got a clue

I'm replaying it in my head a million times through

My heart is clenching in my chest

I haven't ate a meal in a week

am I skinny now?

Lost 10 pounds a few more won't hurt

I'm deadly sick now trouble. Breathing not eating

But still just a few more pounds

What's 10 more ?

Now you can see my bones

you can see my bones now , my vision is blurry

A few more!

I can no longer breathe

I can no longer breath

And the food is no longer the enemy

I am breathless

And can no longer run it through my head

I'm in a coffin

Am I skinny now?

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