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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
Autoplay OFF   •   4 years ago
You never know the war someone is fighting under their smile . Start to dig a little deeper and maybe you can help them fight it

A War

by kassaundrachur1

She wears a smile

Others don't know how broken she is

Under that smile

She's crying for help

Crying for support

Crying for love

No one can hear her

A war she believes she'll never win

A war where nothing is right anymore

A war where gun shooting were silent

She knows one day things will change

But when will that one day be?

She doesn't want to wait half her life

But she knows there will be a light that appears soon

One day is better than no day

She must keep fighting

It may be difficult

But aren't all wars difficult?

She's fighting

It's all she can do at this point

Thoughts may take control

But she knows thoughts don't define her

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