I Don't Miss You (But I Do)
I Don't Miss You (But I Do) thoughts stories
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kaspenrainer Poet & Writer
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A short poem after a long hiatus.

I Don't Miss You (But I Do)

by Atara Rainer

It's a rainy evening in the middle of summer, and I walk the streets we used to run through.

As I watch the lights fade in and out between droplets, I don't want to think about anything else but home, But you invade my thoughts anyway.

"It messes with my hair, my clothes," You'd complain. "My feelings." Why would such a simple thought stick with me after so many years?

Once upon, crossing under the grey skies was serene, Now I feel much sicker to my stomach.

Is it just my self-doubt, or do I really miss you? There was so much I began to hate about you afterwards, Yet I never let your flaws escape with the rest of my memory.

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