I never wanted to need someone
I never wanted to need someone  feelings stories

kasomething I leave it all on the paper and pen.
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Homicide love .

I never wanted to need someone

Vows that you will keep me in the heart. I regret this tattoo I painted of you in my heart. Wish I was special

Bird with broken wings. Lift me up before I hit the ground this heart miss motherhood goals. Help me out of this hell. I ain’t lucky...

Heart and Soul you have divided . No one to guide me see ,it has devoured me. Told me not cry next to you but this feeling is overwhelming.

See when flames gets to close can’t breathe. My life is on fire rescue me Mother. Tears are words waiting to be told .

It’s not coming together people see me and cry. Too much is not enough you know I’m tired. You not protecting my innocence .

Can you hear my call? Don't want to walk alone I'm losing hope . Fight for me too I need your time and love like how you do your everything else.

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