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kasomething I leave it all on the paper and pen.
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Ever loved someone silently and you in friend zone is a confession of a best friend to her bestie .what do you think will happen?


I don't want to hold your gaze scared of what I might see there .....but it's time to admit that have been trying so hard for you and it's time to chase the monsters away. My mind runs away to you a distance in love with you bestie.

Don't look at me crazy. You’re too messed up to remember all the moments I treasure. Why do I keep it together.....

We came down cause there is nothing holding us. In your happy and darkest moments am always there. Release me from this duty. My shield and rock you are , so sick of this so much to get of my chest.

There is fire growing in my heart it burns ,ashes fill up my nerves when will l learn ? All I have left is every bet i made with your heart. I barely relate please hold me like you do her , give me little of what you give her.

I want you to feel the love I have ,though you not mine to keep, a part of you will always be. Here in my melody alone falling further in love with you. I’m tired though can't undo the things I have said right here.

Please free me from this love and shame I have been carrying for being in love with you. L love you that it hurts when you talk about her and the one's before . Sorry bestie I broke the best friend code but have you ever felt anything for me all this year's? ”What do you think he did after hearing her confession? Wait for the respond”

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