Crimson Snow Chapter 1
Crimson Snow Chapter 1 crimson stories

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Ambition, fortune, glory... revenge. Warriors from over the world gather to challenge their fate and the gods above.

Crimson Snow Chapter 1

The snow crunching beneath his shoes, pulling his cloak over his face Uhi makes his way up the forest path.

He never did well with the cold, he missed the warm sun of the plains he grew up in, but that land is a far journey from where he is now.

Following his comrade as she weaves her way through the leafless brush, he tries to keep pace.

"Kas, how far do you think we've traveled from the village?" Uhi asks in an attempt to distract himself from the cold.

"About a two dozen kilometers or so, why?" She responds, her eyes focused on the ground so she doesn't lose track of her prey.

"Don't you think it's odd that a man attacks a squad of soldiers stationed at a village and runs of over twenty kilos in day? Are we sure he's even a human?" Uhi continued.

"Well from what I gathered he's grew up in even harsher cold climates, plus even if he wasn't human, we already received half the payment for the work."

"Oh yeah, so fortunate that we happened to be staying at an in the same town that gets hit by a madman. The gods continue to spit in my face." Uhi finished spitting to the ground in disgust.

Last night while on their travels, he was asleep and warm in a bed, when screams arose from the camp outside town where a group of soldiers where staying.

Next thing he knew Kas barged into his room and told him they were hired to track the guerilla who slaughtered seven men in the dead of night and vanished into the woods.

By the time the sun rose whatever trail of blood they followed was replaced with shallow foot prints of a man on the run.

Silence befell them again as they continue on the trail. Being hired abruptly in the Northern Territories wasn't anything new for wandering bands of warriors and adventures.

Especially when the military campaign of the Vulfin Empire is halted by the barbarian tribes that refuse submission.

Still something didn't sit right with Uhi this time around, usually it's not a single man who assaults the empires forces.

Despite how strong the Northern Warriors are claimed to be, one versus seven even in a surprise attack would be to much for a man.

While in thought Kas halted her progress of the trail and motions Uhi to meet her. Pointing towards a hill in the distance she explains.

"He's most likely up there, the rock formations on the east face of the hill, seem to be a cave", she then traces her finger from the supposed mouth down the hill revealing a small village to his sight.

"That might be his next target."

"Well I guess it won't hurt to pick up a room and get some rest." Uhi said thinking of the warmth of an indoor hearth. "And if we find soldiers, we best keep our eyes on them too."

"Are we informing them or just leave their lives to fate?" asked Kas.

"Well the best way to catch a predator is with natural bait."

Taking off towards town, an awkward silence befell the two, with only the crunching of snow and dead sticks interrupting their thoughts.

Despite the frequency it occurred in his travels Uhi never liked the idea of sleeping in shifts. Having his sleep interrupted especially on a cold night was one of his greatest peeves.

Yet he knew it was essential for his job, and for his greater goal as well.

It'd be easier on him if they had another member of there trope, but finding someone trustworthy enough and battle-hardened enough was more difficult to come by than he expected.

It's been a few years since he left his homeland, traveling from country to country working as a mercenary for armies in demand of capable warriors, or as a hunter for a village that needed extra meat for the winter. Occasionally he'd end up taking care of unsightly beasts that stalked the country sides killing of livestock and villagers.

Those where always the biggest gamble, because at times you didn't know what you where tracking, what looks like the slashes of a wolf turn out to be the lacerations of a madman.

Each came with its own dangers, but each to him where the same level of beast.

While reminiscing on his journey, Uhi fixated his eyes on the hill Kas pointed out to him earlier in the day.

Every so often he thought he saw the silhouette of a man standing on the rocks, but whenever he tried to get a clear view the image vanished.

Uhi wasn't the most patient of men, when it was necessary, he could be, but that went against his training he received from his tribe.

His people took pride in their abilities as warriors, and their methods came down to strike first, fast, and hard.

Sometimes guerilla warfare played a role, but his people always preferred a flashier battle to meet the enemies on the field and dance with weapons in hand in glorious combat.

Those days are long gone though, along with his tribe. Lost to time with very few who would remember them.

He knew that one day his reminiscing would get the better of him, for it clouded his mind and focus, but that day has yet to come.

He saw a shadow jump from the rocks to the forest below and he knew that was his cue.

He hurried from the window to wake up Kas, always the easy riser she jumped from her bed and began to equip her heavier armor and weapons.

Uhi, picked up his animal skin shield, and carried grabbed two clubs to hide beneath it. He then attached his two javelins and made his way towards the door. With haste they bolted from the inn.

They only had to make sure they got to their prey before it finished killing its victims and ran off.

As for if any of the soldiers were alive when they got there, Uhi and Kas felt no loyalty to the Vulfins if anything it might make things easier for them in the future.

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