Letter To Future Self
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kasidee24 I love poetry! i'm only 13 years old!
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Letter to my future self

Letter To Future Self

Dear future me,

It is currently the year 2018 I thought that would be important.

So My future self how are you? Are you married, single, separated? Do you have any kids? So i'm just going to tell you how much the pain hurts in case you have forgotten.

Well about 4 years ago our great grandma died. Well school isn't going so well probably because people are spreading lies about me which my actions lead everyone to believe is real.

But do you remember all the good times we once had? I have been a real jerk lately and I ended up losing a lot of people I care about.

I just really wish someone could give me advice cause I really want to change. Cause my actions may lead me to being homeless or in a bad position and I can't get out in the future.

So I just wish someone understood what we went through. we never really got to do what we wanted because people kept holding us back? I really hope I am wealthy in the future.

I wonder if I married who I wanted to had a couple kids live in a big house and got the job I always wanted. No one really appreciated what we did.

I don't know why people aren't that thankful? I really hope everything turned out well for me. Well that's all I have wish you the best.

~Kasidee Washburn

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