the intruder-summer horror
the intruder-summer horror summer-horror stories

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is sam saves his summer and life?or not?

the intruder-summer horror

sun is setting in the western sky.the sky coverting it's color red to black.the last day of summer.

sam is packing his suitcase,he will take the train at 8:45 pm for taxes,and the clock show the currently time as 7:10 pm.

suddenly he hears something unusual when he rotates his head he saw that a criminal looking person holds a pistol in his hands,showing pistol at his direction.

the intruder is a criminal it much looks like sam.the police is chasing him he wants to take sam's identity to escape from police.

he tells sam about his details and say that-"you will ready for death?

" sam is an extremely clever person he says that he will ready for death but the intruder will have to fulfill his final wish.the intruder said what is your final wish.

sam says that he want to wear his special suit that is situated on the cupboard.the intruder agrees.

when they reach near cupboard,sam dives over intruder putting him into the cupboard he then locks the cupboard from outside he calls police to come and take this criminal,therefore,

with his cleverness he safe his life and his beautiful summer.

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