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karsynrad Finding myself
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It’s 3 am

I’ve been laying in this bed since 10

Insomnia eating away at my brain

Like the undead

Eyes staring blankly at the black ceiling

My mind is racing but with what is unclear

Is it possible to be overthinking, but not thinking at the same time?

It’s hard to describe

There’s this roaring in my mind

Like a lion I so badly wish would rip me to shreds or maybe allow me to lay gently on his soft mane

God I’m going insane

I know I’m hot and cold

Like the cup of hot tea you forget about in the morning

And when you finally remember it’s there and take a sip, it’s cold and bitter

But that’s how it’s been for a while

Feeling lost and alone

In this house, but it doesn’t feel like home

I wanted so badly for it to be you

Tried and tried, until I was black and blue

Skin feels dirty from where you last touched me

But I so badly want to feel your touch again

My long lost friend

I tried to figure you out

You hated that the liquor made me shout

But it was the only way for me to open my mouth

And tell you what the tears were all about

Tried to battle your demons for you

I’d walk to the ends of the earth for you

But would you do the same?

Your words drive me insane

Imbedding into my brain, making themselves at home

Yet I feel so alone

Even in a room full of people

I want to ask for help

My breath quivering as I open my mouth

But nothing comes out

And there’s no one listening

Will they ever?

So as I lay here in this bed

The only thing that is keeping me company

Are these thoughts in my head

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