•Real faces? Oh! I hate ~
•Real faces? 

Oh!  I hate ~ real faces?  oh!  i hate stories

karmanya1301 I'm a mystery you can't solve!🌙
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He left her with a reason he was bored and initially by wearing a real face mask he promised to stay forever 🍂

•Real faces? Oh! I hate ~

Perfect at my fakeness Isn't it better? I find there no mess

No silly taunts, No realio trulio affections Ugly, different cases For pathetic plight They are in work as for a child tying shoe laces

Then someone screamed about real faces! It teared me up, Me ... replying with a big no and that's a mask which perfectly performs

I had a mate You know what?

He made me fade

And , You ask for a real face.

You ask for a real face? Oh! I hate.

Thank you, By Karmanya

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