Post lockdown Meet ~
Post lockdown 
Meet ~ post lockdown meet stories

karmanya1301 I'm a mystery you can't solve!🌙
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A poetry which reveals the warm feeling of a girl to meet her love soon 🌼

Post lockdown Meet ~

For sudden, My nights became day's where I think of you , Write for you And Try to smell you!

At morning I am on my sweet dreams. Mumma thoroughly screams But my all nightfalls what are actually day's Kept on pushing me up and I feel so dazed !

This shows I'm in opiate of your love Honey bunch, these beauteous happenings are all because of you, I wish to hear a word like I love you too!

Your lovely, silky hair To your enchanting smile I want to capture this in my file!

You feel so like heaven I'm craving to meet you But this, have a break till Quarantine , which tingles me each and every time

My heart trembles from dusk to dawn It says it feel so alone!

Honey bunch, meet me soon I want to have our favorite meal With a single spoon

You're my love, my everything How woeful this is that we could not meet

I want those days back of holding hands with a single bench and closely sitting on double seats! I want to meet you post lock down , Though away from downtown

Thank you, By ~ Karmanya

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