Why Do You Write?
Why Do You Write? writing stories

karizmanancina New to this. All my poetry is real & raw
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A first of many... just an opening to a beginning. It explains it all.

Why Do You Write?

This pencil and paper is my voice

They flex and move by my mind with choice

Without them a life has no purpose

To express oneself why they are worth it

Why value matters

Moral expression and opinions splatter

It is a movement from thoughts to hands

Creating words that showcase for you to understand

If there was a limit to what i could say

Then writing would be at dismay

I’am Karizma because of what writing defines

The topic is whatever i find

As if my physical self could be hidden

Writing gives a voice to what's within

Even when i don't feel like i'm winning

And when i want to describe the acts of this world sinning

It is a place i go for comfort

Just to write

To tell a story of my life

When hate explodes and love ceases...

It is this pencil and paper that picks up the pieces

Where having a say can be inferred as a tool

It can either be used with or against you

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