Dont fall in love with her
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karebear212 Community member
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Just a piece reflecting the way I feel about myself and the relationships I've unintentially destroyed. Hope someone likes it.

Dont fall in love with her

For she is self destruction wrapped neatly in adventure

She is like 3 straight shots of tequila Exciting to the touch, but not to the taste You will get a sip of her unapologetic bitch and immediately gag And those strong enough to handle her will choose not to

She is a road trip before pay day You will laugh at her terrible directions But she will leave you running on empty You will stress about it but tell yourself she was worth it

Im sorry you will believe that she is worth anything

She is a freshly lit drunken cigarette She will fill your lungs with happiness But leave you gasping for air

She will remove all the stresses from your life To make room for the stress of her

But mostly, she will love you back She will pour undisclosed desires into you To get them off of her chest You will find her feeding you, folding your clothes, paying your bills Everything she has will become yours Including her self esteem and her heart

You will come to see her as flowers and roses Sweet caresses down your back will become a habit That you've learned to love.

The dunes you have traced with your fingers Will become the same sand that fills her hourglass Ticking away until she again remembers that she is no more than self destruction, tequila, road trips, and cigarettes

Dont fall in love with her Because she will love you back And then leave

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