Pondering Over Absolute Nonsense
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karashawi write stuff occasionally
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Some writing about all the ways in which i might have been feeling at a time where i didn't know.

Pondering Over Absolute Nonsense

by kara shaw

why does it hurt to see you breathless for someone else's air when i'm in love with the scent of someone else's hair

is it history that meets me at the edge and takes me there and makes me fall right into an empty despair

i wouldn't piece it back together if i had the chance but i liked the idea that the option was there

i guess it's strange how someone else could hold your hand and tell you the things that i once said

i guess it's odd to think that someone else knows all your secrets like i do

maybe i'm still angry about the cold night in the back yard, black and dark, you made me feel naked i don't know how to explain it, hate it i hate it

or maybe i don't miss you but i miss the way i felt and now you've gone and felt it for someone else

maybe i don't want anyone to know the taste i used to get every weekend that strawberry shake on a melting sunday afternoon

i died in your arms and it's so wrong to be sad for a life i don't miss but my memories and past are fading into mist

i don't want you anymore but i don't want to think that you weren't mine it felt so real at the time maybe if i make another rhyme

maybe it'll stop maybe i will understand maybe i will find myself lost among the sand

-y beach that's where you took me but the water was so cold you know i'm afraid you knew i was afraid

i like to think that you were everything that was wrong and i like to imagine it's better that you're gone but for some reason i still ache at your name because i remember

oh i remember the pain

i watched my heart beat out of my chest and onto the floor to lay to rest and i could do nothing but stare because my best couldn't keep you i thought that i was the mess

i don't ache for you i don't ache in deep blue i ache because of you in black and white i don't hate you though but i don't love you

i don't make poems of the past but of the stains it left behind i am not sad but it still stings in the places our strings were intertwined

because i never thought you'd hurt me it was always my mistake i covered my past with flannel shirts so you wouldn't have to feel my pain

and i guess i wasn't ready for my life to change that way

i thought that infinity meant another day

what still kneads my heart like dough is the feeling of how i held on when you'd already let go

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The theme was the same old morbid cliché. The presentation, however was anything but the same old morbid lament. The writing was painful but spectacular. Great post!!!