Killer ?
Killer ? twist in a tale stories

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What happens when a boy turns into killer to save him and his parents.

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Killer ?

by Karan Kataria

It was evening time . The voice of the second needle from the clock installed on the wall was clearly audible , it was pin drop silence .

Mohan and Ragini were sitting quietly at the sofa waiting for Ishan , their only child , to come out of the room where he was from the last 10 minutes .

Finally after another 10 minutes , he came out , he was a bit tired . He sat on the adjoining sofa to his parents' . He was fainting .

Ragini asked him ,"How many were there and how many have you killed ?" . "Seven", he answered . "Have you killed all of them ?" , now Mohan asked him . "Yes", he replied .

After resting for 6-7 minutes ,

Ishan stood up and said to his parents that they should lock all the doors and windows of the house properly so that the other members of the gang which came to their house

around 40 minutes before to escape from their enemies and have hidden themselves in the house could not come inside .

After saying all this , Ishan told them that now he would be looking for other members in the store room and would kill them simultaneously as they could harm him and his parents .

Ishan leaved for the store room with the bat which he was using to kill them .

After 10 minutes of the killing process , Ishan came out of the store room with that bat in his hand .

"How many you killed ?" , Mohan asked . "Three more " , he answered .

Now he was stressfree and sat down again on the sofa , drinking water to reduce tiredness .

"Beta , was it necessary to kill them , after all not even a single of them had harmed us ?" , Ragini asked to Ishan . "Maybe they had leaved the house without harming us " , she added .

"Yes Mom , it was necessary . If I hadn't killed them today , we could be in the hospital after some time ", Ishaan replied.

"In hospital for what?" , M and R asked .

"Maybe to cure Dengue or Malaria " , he answered .

"Yes , you are right my son " , both Mohan and Ragini said .

Now Ishan's tiredness has gone and he stood up from the sofa to leave for his room to sleep .

Just before entering the room , he asked his mom to keep the 'Mosquito Bat' on charging .

This story is purely fictional and doesn't intend of harming any living creature .

.........Thanks for reading ...................

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