That's the only wonder!!
That's the only wonder!! stories

karanbanchhor Fond of a Ritual called Writing❤️
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A walk down the memory lane, when I was torn between a will to try again and failures curbing every possible light in my life.

That's the only wonder!!

Is it time for me to go on a voyage in a paper boat? Or deep inside a drop of my unshed tears, turned into a pearl?

Have I become lighter? Or have I found a calming shore? Have I found my next path, beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder...

Memories from my past trail are gathered in my backpack, Bridge of thousand unspoken words is right in front of me,

O rains, you are washing away my trail, leaving no sign, Am I a barefooted child in your lap?

Have I become bit more generous? is my home visible now? Have I found my next path... beyond my imagination? That's the only wonder!

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