An Assassin's 2nd Chance

       An Assassin's 2nd Chance lesbians stories

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An assassin finally gets a little freedom in her strictly monitored life. She finally has the chance to meet someone.
Sorry it's a little cringy

An Assassin's 2nd Chance

Its not easy being an assassin. I guess that's what I get for intervening in business that wasn't mine. I should never have taken the shortcut into the alley. I saw something I shouldn't have.

Next thing I know, I'm stuck at the agency. I've seen and done unthinkable things. This risky career hasn't left much time for a social life.

After 5 years, they are finally letting me have social media again. As far as the world is concerned, April Reyes died in a car accident 5 years ago.

Now, Teresa Alvarez is on the hunt for someone. Not to kill, no. A someone to be with. It's been lonely.

Day after day, nothing but waking up, getting an assignment, getting the job done, coming back to the bunkers, and sleeping.

After a long day, and a tiresome mission I arrive to my bunker where the Warden was waiting for me. "Agent 3275, you are now to reside in new quarters.

An apartment down the street has been reserved for you with the rest of our loyal agents." Hearing those sweet words honestly made me cry.

I've always hoped they would move me to the apartments some day. The building is home to only agents. I've been moved in for 3 months now.

With no luck in the dating world, I spend my days how I always do. I reluctantly open my page once again, no longer expecting anything. "Congratulations! You have a new match," my computer says.

My heart starts racing as I open the message. Lilly Hansen, age 24, Brooklyn, NY. "Holy Christ." This girl is gorgeous. I send her a message, asking her out to pizza tomorrow night.

Within a minute she replies, "See you then. 8pm?" I slam my computer down. "OK. IT'S HAPPENING" What do I wear? Dress? No, I hate dresses. Tux? No! what am I thinking. Too formal.

I settled on plain black jeans, and a blue dress shirt. I go to sleep happy, for the first time in a while. I speed through the day, a basic assignment: grudge against a guy over money.

At 6:30, I arrive home, exhausted. Time speeds by, and it's 7:45. I enter the restaurant and wait. My nerves are higher than they were on my first mission.

About half an hour later, she sits in front of me. Beautiful as a ray of sun, her eyes glistening like stars, I could barely get a word out. "Teresa?" I nervously laugh "Ya, that's me.

You must be Lilly?" The night went on with laughter, drinks, and fun. It had been forever since I last laughed this hard. Around 9:30 she asks me to her home.

Of course, I gladly agree, even though both of us were a bit tipsy. She didn't live far, in fact, her apartment was near mine. My mind started racing.

Only other agents lived in these apartments. Was this even possible? I didn't let her know what I knew. Once we're in the apartment, a familiar sound goes off. A buzzer, just like mine.

She must have gotten an assignment. "Um, you'll have to excuse me for a moment." She says, then rushes to her back room.

Shit April, what do you do now?! She returns a few minutes later, her face has gone grim. "I'm so sorry Teresa, I have an emergency.

Would you mind if we cut this a little short?" I walk over to her, barely leaving an inch between us. "Of course not. As long as you let me kiss you first.

" Her cheeks went red, her eyes staring up at me, shocked. Next thing I knew, our lips were locked. She let go after like a minute. "I'm sorry, I really have to go.

I'll text you, okay?" As she leaves for the door, I say, "So who's your target?" just broke your cover...great. "What did you just say" she asks, not even turning around.

"Funny isn't it? You see, I live a few floors up." She turns around smiling, "Well maybe you should help me out with this one. There's like 6 guys, they all stole money from this one dude.

" She walks over to me, closer and closer. "It could be dangerous for only one to go." I pull her close to me, "Wouldn't miss it for the world.

" With that, we left onto our first of many missions. Who knows what will happen next?

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