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I hate my weight

Almost too much to put into words

I've hated it since middle school

And I will hate it for the rest of my life

It used to be much worse

I would go days, even weeks without eating

Now I eat once a day

So I celebrate that as progress

I passed out in school once

I hadn't had anything in two weeks

I played it off like I was sick

I was, just not in the way I said

People would say "You've lost weight!"

I think that they were concerned

But I would take it as a compliment

And try to lose more weight

The mirror added thirty pounds

While I weighed very little

I felt like I was huge

Nothing anyone said helped

I should have gotten help

What took years may have taken months

It was never an "eating disorder"

Probably because I chose not to get diagnosed

Things are better now

I do eat at least a little bit daily

I don't take "You're skinny!" as a compliment

And the mirror only adds fifteen pounds

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