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kanejiaconner Community member
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This poem is about my boyfriend, my best friend, my whole heart in honor of Valentines Day!

Flavor of Love

Love tastes like the carmex I leave on your window

sill to remind you how my lips taste.

Smells like the cookie you smoke

before you kiss me and make each problem go away.

Tastes like grilled cheese sandwiches

and polish sausages that we made

the first time we cooked together.

Love tastes like chili cheese fries

and elephant ears we ate the first time we went to the fair together.

Tastes like the gyros you eat that I say are disgusting

and you still kiss me after.

Tastes like my white grape sparkling water

that you drank half of

and I wanted to fight you over.

Love Tastes like chicken flavored ramen noodles

and pizza rolls

because I don't wanna eat up all your mama food

so that's all I ask you to make me when I'm hungry.

Tastes like half hawaiian half supreme stuffed crust pizza

that we ate the first time I stayed the night with you

as you told me pineapples don't belong on pizza

and I told you not to kiss me with your onion breath.

Tastes like Lemons

because we can be so bitter to one another sometimes.

Love feels like biting my tongue

because I don't ever want to say the wrong things.

Love feels like open-heart surgery

because before I had even given you my heart,

you had already taken it.

Made it your most prized possession.

You pulled it out of my chest

and left me bleeding like an open wound

and I still thank you for that.

Love feels like trying to explain yourself,

but choking on your own words

because when we are arguing my heart sinks like titanic,

hurts like broken hearts do,

cries in silence.

Love feels like home

because wherever you are is where home is,

because as long as Im home,

I know I'm safe.

Love feels like not being good enough.

Like trying to mold yourself into a better you

because you feel you can't amount to much.

Love tastes of bitter coffee

when you come to the conclusion that you will never be enough.

Love feels like sacrifice

because I gave you my heart

giving you the power to break it,

but trusting you won't.

Trusting that I can trust you.

Love feels like trying hard for something you want

because the magic in love is staying together through the hardest times.

Pushing each other and always saying I love you

and working out issues before the night is over

because I can never go to bed mad at you.

Love feels like the perfect feeling

and love tells you that you are good enough

even when you are crying

because you don't understand

how someone can love such a broken thing this much.

Cater to heart,



and mind

as if it was their own.

Love still tastes like

the oreo cheesecakes and twix pies you get me

just because you know I love my sweets.

Smells like Hibachi because it's the first place you took me out to eat at.

Tastes like Pancakes,

Hash Browns,

and mini cinnamon rolls

because you know how I love my breakfast foods.

Love tastes like Greens,


and barbecue chicken

because it's what my granny made for dinner

the first time you met her

and she still loves you.

Tastes like Jalapeno poppers wrapped in crescent rolls

because it's your favorite thing your mom makes.

Love tastes like grape kool aid

because you drink it religiously

and your lips always taste of it when we kiss.

Tastes like fruit blended tequila

and wine coolers

because you like to drink out of bottles,

but I get drunk off you enough.

Love tastes like you.

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