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kanchii trying to be good❄️🥂
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A latter!!! 🖤💙


The coldness of winter With the shilt of living Smile with courage! Lost in black Forest !!! 🌲

Sun rises with the bright rays with warmth !! That stone shined when I picked my eyes up U were there!!!

The curves of rainbow🌈 The curve that always shine when you were there!!! As the snow of icy cold vapour

The winter cover on the leaves of the tree The bright cold snowy scenary When closed apparence of knowing you !!

When talk as it was a Disaster!! Really touched my soul!

You were the star ✨ Shine in the classroom with blury background🥂

The smooth skinny cold touch which gives the vibration in the boby ❄ I felt peaceful and found you cute!! 💙 With the scares on your face

The fragrent !! that my favorite smell seems like a drug ! Sit near you seems like the Butterflies flying on my head!!

It's now time for the dusk When you ignore and my presence won't even notable!?

When you hold hand of a girl and go aways! My bright light became dark room!!

Time had been soo fast It will move on !!

It's time to be in different paths Go with the cute memories🖤

Memories that make some noise ! ' Smell ' that apperence will disappear!! Always be remembered!!

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