You Are Nothing, But-
You Are Nothing, But- anxiety stories

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You Are Nothing, But-

It's strange how tough love affects people

It can either make them better

Or make them worse

Personally I give myself tough love

It's very comforting

I'll never become famous overnight

But it doesn't mean I won't be in the future

I'm not going to get a text from my crush when I wake up tomorrow

But it's ok because I enjoy being single

I'm never going to be internet famous

But it's fine because I don't want to handle that kind of stress

I'll never be a millionaire

But it's not so bad not being one, I can afford everything I love

I'll probably die young because my family has a really bad rare gene

But it's ok because we will have better healthcare in the future

That's the good kind of tough love

The bad kind is what some of us are unintentionally stuck with

If you want to know how the bad one sounds, just don't read the sentences that start with "but"

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