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kanashi Community member
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I'm your new favorite shirt.

Care Tag

I'm your new favorite shirt.

If you ever feel like washing me, please look at my care tag.

The better you follow along the care tag, the longer I can last.

You washed and dried me wrong without looking at my care tag.

But it's ok, I forgive you. Just don't forget to read my care tag next time.

It's been a couple washes and you haven't looked at my care tag.

I forgive you.

You've been wearing me a little less for a while because of my stains.

Just look at my care tag to help with the stains.

Why'd you burn me with chemicals? My care tag said not to use chemicals.

I'm not as pretty because you didn't read my care tag. Do you still love me?

You put me in a bag with other shirts that looked just like me.

I was hauled away. I knew my inevitable fate.

We could've stayed together for a lot longer.

If only you read my care tag.

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