Never Fall
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Series: Tainted — Part: 002 — Description: Once you were lost, exposed, torn inside, till he found you in neon. — Song: Biscuit by Portishead

Never Fall

Never fall in love again. That is what you told yourself so many times. All those nights spent crying, curled up in your bed, the lights off and the music pounding away.

Each hour that passed you would remind yourself of the pain that was caused, the lies spoken. Your heart shattering more and more.

i'll never fall in love again

Words you repeated to the air, to the music, to your reflection. A chanting of words that you hoped would activate some power deep within to combat the heartache. For weeks you did this.

Some nights it would only last an hour or two, others it seemed never ending.

And when you fell into the oblivion that was sleep, you whispered a prayer to awake to a new life, a healed one, or perhaps to not even awaken at all.

It didn't matter, as long as the pain was gone.

a mother's son has left me sheer

It was not long after the tears stopped that you found yourself capable of going back out into the world. A place so dull, colorless.

Nothing like the sanctuary of your room with its neon and music. Every part of it meant to keep away the world and its hardships, all the pain and lies. But they would not leave you alone.

Constantly they begged you to come out with them, to live. Are they responsible for what came next?

stranger things will come your way

Some times you find it hard to remember exactly how you two met. What the catalyst was to bring you into his arms. For the moment you were in his arms, nothing mattered and yet it all did.

The pain you had suffered through, the lies, the torture, all of it was so clear in your mind, yet the moment he saw it shining within your eyes he forced it away.

Those damned lips of his devouring every night spent locked away in your neon sanctuary. The world was vibrant once again.

sin, slave of sensation

Hours were spent together. Then nights, weeks, months. You became a slave to the sensations he brought forth.

His hands gripping your flesh, his mouth devouring every inch, each part of him bringing your soul to life. Many warned you, claimed he was not right.

There was a darkness within him, one that could swallow you whole. But you did not care. He could be sin in human form and you would still go willing into his dark embrace.

Once you were lost, exposed, torn inside, till he found you in neon.

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