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Leon Baphomet, a 17-year-old boy who ran away from home to simply get away from his miserable life is encountered with a strange voice that brings him to a new universe.

The boy discovers two young siblings in an alleyway being beaten by a drunk?! Leon had no choice but to fight back and defend the siblings, and in the end, the drunk man's dead body lay waste right in front of Leon's eyes.

The boy uncovers the thrill of "disposing the filth of humankind", and quickly decides what to do in this new universe. However, it's not always so easy.

What will happen when he's met with eyes of envy of his success? What happens when he's deemed a villain; a major threat to the world? Will he fight back and overcome the trials or will he stumble and lose everything along his way?

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A Villainous Resolve

Villains. A word that describes one as evil. A word that brings death to whom it attaches. But is it all that simple?

Leon Baphomet, 17 years old, Male, and currently Missing. I'm fed up with it, I'm done with everything I have been through. Was it not enough? Was being constantly beaten, starved, harassed, even bullied by my own dear family... Was it just not enough?

Will I even be rewarded by enduring all of this? ... What was I waiting for again? What's at the end of the tunnel for me? Is it worth all this suffering?

The busy streets crowd in on me as if laughing at me while I starve endlessly for days on end... The people that pass by not batting one eye towards my tiny paled body with nothing but bones.

The tattered clothes that I'd worn for far too long that I'd no longer recall the days. My darkened black hair, long and greasy that covered my face endlessly after countless days without a place to shower. My bright red eyes that had become dark and dull. properly.

My vision becomes all too blurry for me to see, my legs are all too worn to let me stand properly. What did I do to deserve this? What had gone wrong?

Just then a faint distanced voice calls out to me... A sweet mellow voice echoes through my mind, "Why won't you stand up and fight? Why are you waiting for a hero? Stand up, be your own hero, do something..." "Hey, why won't you?"

I ponder those questions and wonder, Why haven't I?

Just then a brilliant bright light, so bright it could pierce through my eyes. But it was warm... I tightly shut my eyes, ignoring the light, being taken away by the warm embrace of the light. I open my eyes once again to see...

A horizon set right before my eyes, the sunset ever so beautifully shining, the golden warm color from the sun, the slightly pink clouds surrounding the warm sun.

"How beautiful..." Tears streamed through my eyes as I tried to forget the pain I've endured for years. But my mind just ponders on the very question...

Where am I exactly?

Just then I heard...

"Leon!" 2 voices shouted from afar, one a child, the other a teenager.

Oh right.

This is my world now and I'm not alone as I continue down my path...

Please stand right where you are, don't ever let me lose you both, "Finn, Zerk."

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