The story of two souls: Salvation (Chapter one)

           The story of two souls:
                (Chapter one) mystic stories

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The story of two souls: Salvation (Chapter one)

She opened her eyes and saw a plenty of beds. Was it her bedroom? No. Where was she? She couldn't remember. She couldn't remember anything including her name, address, story.. She only heard a voice in her heart. - Mika! Mika! Look at me. Don't be afraid. The girl didn't recognize the voice. She turned her head and...

- Who are you? The girl said with a little fear. - My name is Andy. And what about you? The strange woman came closer. - My name is... it is strange.. I can't remember. - It isn't strange. It means i have found a right person. Andy seated on the girl's bed. - I want to help you. Let's begin with introduction.

- I am your "doctor". I am an incomplete soul. Your name is Mikokoruntogoroshima or Mika for the Huge World and your name is Nora for the world. You are a separated soul. You are my patient. Get it? - I.. I have some questions. - I am listening to you, my dear patient. -What about names? What is Mikokorun... and something else? What is the Huge World? What is the separa...

Somebody was knocking the door. -Nora! Are you here? May i enter? Nora was confused. - Who is he? Andy shrugged her shoulders. - I don't know. We will not be able to get to know if you don't answer. - Oh.. There was a little silence. - You may. I am here. I am Nora. Andy began to smile.

- Hello Nora! He was a high smiled man with a big old backpack. - When i got to know that you are in hospital, i went to your grandmother and took the backpack to bring it to you. - Thank you!

- What?! Andy was wondered by something Mika looked at her. - Um.. You know... Well, nothing. Look at the boy please.

- Is something wrong? The man looked at her. - No, fine. - May you want something? - No, nothing. He smiled. - You are pretty. I have something for you but let's it be my secret. See you!

He left the room giving her a backpack. Mika was intrigued. She opened it. There are some fruits, books, candies, notes and pencils in the backpack.

- The man is really strange and even.. suspicious. - What do you mean? - Did you see it? He stared at me and.. stared at my daju. - Daju? What is it? And what's wrong that he was looking at you? You are a doctor, aren't you? You are beautiful.. Andy rolled her eyes. - My dear, i am only your "doctor". That is first. Secondly, in comparison with you, i don't have physical body.

- How is it possible? - I am not human. Indeed, i can create a physical body for me but it is necessary to spend a lot of energy to hold it for long time. - Are you joking? - No. I want to tell you more but now i have to go. See ya! Suddenly, wind began to blow. Mika closed her face but after it stoped blowing she could't see the girl. - Andy? Doctor Andy? What is happening?

She is alone. What is it? Who is the man? Who is the girl? She looked out window.

Beburg. A nice town that was separated by two brothers who are leading businessmen.

Saryree. The modern district of freedom. There are a lot of restarunts, coffee houses, clubs, pubs and other places that are good for entartaining. Majority of these sites are opened 24 hours a day. People can go out everywhere since 16 years old.

Perrick. It is the oldest district of the town including some museums, theatres, galleries and other cultural places. There is a curfew restriction, a plenty of cruel laws and bans and some adding prohibitions for teenagers and children. However, people appreciate the district for silence and safety. A lot of banks, storages, jewelry stores, parking places and hotels are in Perrick.

Mika opened her eyes. She was in another room.

- Hello, sleepy soul! Andy! - Where am i? - It is not possible to say where we are. It isn't a world, it isn't a country, it isn't a town. - What?! - It is a part of a gap between worlds, huge worlds. We call it "byoutal". We help souls to adapt after some crisis. For example, we help to recover after separation as in your case. Any questions?

- What is the separation? - I see... To begin with, we have four kinds of souls. There are separated souls, incomplete souls, full souls and kami. Separated souls are souls who underwent critical errors and two-parted. Incomplete souls are cursed by kami or souls who underwent something that almost make them powerless. Full souls are souls of usual people without any special potential and...

... strong people who can travel across different worlds. Kamis are creatures who can make a lot of worlds with their own specific rules. So separation is a process of two-parted souls. - I... I don't understand what is happanening. Is it a joke? Right? - No... LIsten, Mikakoruntogoroshima, i don't want to repeat. Listen carefully. Now everything is real, it is hard to believe but trust me.

Mika didn't know what she should say. Andy didn't look evil but she is a part of a strange unknown world. - Anyway, i feel you are still confused. It isn't extraordinary i guess. I want to let you go but i have to do some things before. Wait me here.

She stayed alone in the dark room. It was tiny but cozy enough, the bed was softer than in the hospital. There are a wardrope, some strange pictures, a closed door, a pink teddy and an empty colourful vase. She closed her eyes and...

She opened them and immediately understood that she was falling. Where? She couldn't understand. She didn't feel fear, she was shocked but Mika was so tired to pay a lot of attention on the situation. She really gave up. Brocken, lonely, unknown Mika.. She was falling nowhere

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