One more breath for you

     One more breath for you
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One more breath for you

He hugged her and said "I missed you so much!". She believed despite of her experience like bitter chocolate. She underwent lies, pain and despair. She began to believe so easily like a flight of a tiny bird.

She immediately forgot everything. She became the teenager at the age of sweet sixteen when tankas and haikus seemed to be a right direction of showing love again. They were Master and Margarita during the illusion.

She realised almostly that it wasn't reality, it couldn't be reality. He had never loved her sincerely and would never do it in her future. But she had hope that something of the world was true.

Anyway, she didn't try to be strong and powerful, now it wasn't necessary. There weren't anybody who demand support or a victim. There were only he, she and their trip.

Travelling together, talking together, sleeping together were wonderful for her broken soul. He was gentle... as he was before.

However, the flight was ended and would never return in her life...

The sun made her escape from the paradise. The girl got up, worn her pink dress and came to a balcony. She remembered everything as it happened one hour ago. She was very late. She should come 16 years early.

She still remembered their pleasant dialogues..

"Oh, i know! Dancing and a beautiful dress will suit you!" "Really? Would you dance with me?" "What? I would step on your toes and fall at the end." "Nevermind, we will fall together!"

She got to remember words of a song that she listened on the radio. "Where is the sky from? When will the morning come along? When rivers will destroy bridges, where will you be?.."

Where will you be?

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