Wailing Love
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I have no words to say to make you feel this pain! I know no matter how long I wait, only it is a vain!

Wailing Love

I have no words to say to make you feel this pain!

I know no matter how long I wait, only it is a vain!

Quite I am withering down as a leaf at its axil in this autumn.

For all my hopes were fallen ;

To kiss you good bye is the biggest crest fallen.

May you not know,this is a song of an heart broken!!

I feel very cold under the dark sky without the moon;

I believed in an untold promise which we made in the silence between us;

Silence knows you well,

The spell behind my prayers!

The breeze that crossed you, waves at me to paint my cheeks so roseate;

My Heart pounds so fast and screams

the words what my shyness hides, Under the beating of my valves;

My lungs hails in despair wanting to be a safest hiding place for your very breathe;


Believe me, Even the shade of your shadow triggers me an electric pulse where all my magic tricks fails from not falling for you

You know , all of my favourite poems loves you , Speaks about you, Looks like you And sometimes you turn out to be my best loved poem !

Dont ask me if this is love and I dont want to name to the feeling when I cry if I see you sad,

I cry when I realise that you are not going to be mine.

I cry when you do not look at me

I cry for not being able to make you to fall for me

I cry when I fall for you each time in a flash just after convincing myself to forget you!

I cry when I have been told you've already fallen for another woman!

I cry eachtime when I get reminded of you when I read my favourite love poems.

I cry when you crossed me when I was standing alone and expecting you to hold my hands to fathom the heaviness my cavity carries !

I cry when you are not ready to wipe my tears!

I cry when I miss you like crazy and your face is the first thought to start my day, knowing that I am not your dreams!

I cry ! I cry!

This is so hard..

I made a wish upon a shooting star;

In a blink of an eye, it has gone so far;

Left me to stand alone, feeling fuzzed in this milkyway;

A star to see through the dark;

They say, there are yet many stars in the constellation,

but my heart still searches for an orion which sparkles as nothing as your pupil;

The only secret I have hidden in heart and let me bury it in there safely!

My heart should have been so frozen to say this!

Good Bye my love! Good bye.. I will see you from distance where I cannot feel your scent but your smile! Stay safe!!

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