A Brief History of Me
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kaitlynirwinWriting, reading, cats, Stephen King
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A Brief History of Me

by kaitlynirwin

I've lived half my life in Kennesaw, Georgia and half in LA.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone from the south is an ignoramus.

I'm drawn to creepy, weird, gross, disturbing things.

Instead of a baby doll, I wrapped a Reincor action figure in my baby blanket and cradled it.

But I'm also fond of light-hearted things.

I feel all the possible feels a person could possibly feel.

I just graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's in English.

I'm trying to find a job or, better yet, a way to make money doing something I really love.

I have a cat to support.

(Don't worry baby)

Cheers to the future.

I hope I shared enough information.

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congratulations!!! awesome history! I'm a USC Trojan, y'know 😜 haha. welcome!

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This is a really cool background!! Welcome!!!!