The Adventurer's Wife
The Adventurer's Wife adventure stories

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We always hear about the hero's and their journey through peril. But who tells the story of their wife? Left alone with kids and her thoughts we see snippets of one woman dealing with the aftermath of her husband leaving for adventure.

The Adventurer's Wife

They had been married for 5 years before he went away for the first time. "Destiny calls, my love!" He cried as he ran through the door with his new friends.

"I could have sworn that was the baby crying." She thought as she sleepily fed their hungry baby. She awake again later that morning to find the lounge a tip.

She sighed as she set about cleaning up after him.

They had been married for 7 years when he came home, they're child ran to him as if she didn't exist. As if she wasn't his sole provider for the past 2 years.

As if her husband had bothered to let her know he was safe and well more than once a month. "We can all sleep soundly in our beds now dear." He smiled as he kissed her head.

To be honest she was just glad to have him home and able to help her again. 2 years of stress and worry had made her ill and put her on edge. Who knows what could have happened in that time?

They had been married for 8 years and had another baby on the way when he dashed out of the front door again.

"We need to save the kingdom darling!" His faint voice sounded, already half way down the road.

"I'll pick up the little on from Nursery then." She sighed. She was supposed to start a new full time job today. The start of her career... over before it began.

They had been married 10 years when he came home. Their 5 year old child kept the 2 year old occupied as she spoke in hushed tones.

They were financially on the edge and she needed him to help her in every way.

She couldn't keep a house, two keeps and a job to support them all on her own whilst he was gallivanting in god knows where! This wasn't what she signed up for. He kissed her on the forehead.

She pulled away. He slept on the couch that night.

He had been home a mere 3 months before a new group of strangers showed up on her door step asking for him. She almost told them he wasn't home.

That he was dedicated to his family and he didn't want to miss more of his children's lives. More of their marriage. Almost.

But he came bounding down the stairs shouting "Adventure awaits Honey!"

"But when will you be home? You have a family to look after!" She reminded him, not keen on spending another 2 years on her own again.

"Who knows? I'm living my life!" He told her over his shoulder as he left.

"Sure, but when do I get to live mine?"

A year later he came home. As he pushed the door open he realised it was an empty house with an envelope on the counter. "Freedom draws nearer sweetheart!" the post it note read. Divorce papers.

She was gone. "Don't expect to see us again" Another note inside read.

As he sat on the floor, the couch he once slept on gone with everything else that wasn't his, he realised slowly with tears in his eyes... Adventure was always here.

And he'd rejected it for his idea of fun. Even though what he was doing wasn't fun. He missed all of it.

In the next city over, she sat in the garden of her new house. Bigger and better than the last with her children playing on the slide in front of her.

Her new partner sat beside her, drinking cocktails and asking her about her day.

She knew this is what she deserved, and thought to herself "How lucky i am to have been an adventurer's wife, and to not be one anymore."

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