I Hate the dishes
I Hate the dishes sunny stories

kaii I write weird limericks/stories :)))
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I Hate the dishes

by kaii

Sunny: I hate doing the dishes. It's so boring you literally just stand there doing nothing, but touching plates.

Sunny: But you know what?

Ham: what?

Sunny: Those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.

Ham: that's right!

Sunny: so, I must wash them cause how else am I going to eat?

Sunny: Maybe I should just use the other plates, or maybe I should just cook and eat in the pot.

Sunny: That would also mean I have to wash the pot. I don't like washing them because they're too big.

Sunny: It's just you and the wall facing each other. Which is really boring.

Ham: But you know what?

Sunny: what?

Ham: There is a thing called a dish washer.

Sunny: really?

Ham: yeah, so now you don't have to wash the dishes.

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