Why did he run?
 Why did he run? braveness stories

kaede Bruised Angel
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Cause why did he really run if...

This is just a thought from yesterday while standing alone in busy street.

Why did he run?

It's past 6 yesterday when I went home. A lot of people are standing in each sides of the streets while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Beside me were two highschool kids, one is wearing his complete uniform and the other one wears a t-shirt instead of polo, we'll name them as Jin and Taichiro respectively.

Taichiro keeps on convincing Jin to cross the streets even if it is still a stop light.

But Jin don't want to break traffic rules and Taichiro went furious so, he left his friend, and ran across the street. When he realize that there's a big truck coming from the other side of the road, he ran faster.

When he reached the other street, he yelled to Jin, who is still standing half meter away from me, the word "coward" and "weakling".

So he thinks he isn't?

Cause if Taichiro's brave enough, why did he run?

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