Stalker in the Night
Stalker in the Night horror stories

kaebug3308 Aspiring young author!
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Inside a stalker's perspective.

Stalker in the Night

Have you ever had a creepy stalker? I mustn't expose my name for fear I will be caught. But what I can tell you is that I am that stalker.

It isn't that bad to run and hide from the police that are trying to capture you. The reasons I'm so wanted is because I usually succeed in finding my victim's home. I kidnap the victims.

Sometimes I hurt them they DON'T WANT TO LISTEN! It's actually pretty fun to see someone else SUFFER for once. And to know you're the one causing them to suffer is just even better.

I hide fake clues as well to see if the police really fall for it. They always do. They end up dead as well.

I find this so captivating and intriguing to do, especially with my bullies from high school. Most of them are dead by now, thanks to me. Even just following random people home is enjoyable.

I love when they don't catch on and I'm able to find their homes. If you're looking to do I suggest starting where I started. Twitter.

I used to make anonymous accounts to hack others profiles and steal their personal information. It' FOR!

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