Side Effects
Side Effects fiction stories
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kaebug3308 Aspiring young author!
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Will the medicine REALLY have no side effects?

Side Effects

I thought it would help...I mean, it did. But they told me there would be no side effects. You don't know what I'm talking about, do you? I have this disease- or used to- called Nexus.

You'v never heard of it? Why are you asking

what year this was in? 2030, duh! Anyway, Nexus forms this weird green gas that makes it impossible to touch anything or have anyone touch you.

It also smells horrible! I was stinking for months before I took the medicine; which is how this story is interesting. This disease, Nexus, caused me to have to pretty much live in the hospital.

Until one day the nurses came in with confetti and balloons shouting, "they found a cure! They found a cure!" I was shocked at first until my mother started to cry.

That cry turned into happy sobs of joy. Had they really found a cure? "When can my daughter be cured?" Mom asks the nurses.

"This afternoon! It should work! We're still testing it, but, it has worked for all the other patients," replied one of the nurses.

That might seem like a red flag to you right now, but not when if you were as desperate as I was. That afternoon, the doctor came in and told me to take this weird looking slime thing.

"This should make the Nexus go away in about 5 seconds, maybe more," my doctor, Doctor Mourn, told me. "Also, there should be probably be no side effects."

I was shaking so much from a mixture of nervousness and joy that I almost spilled the substance (or medicine, whatever you want to call it) all over myself.

I sipped the gooey liquid up and all of a sudden the bad smelling aroma went away.

The green bubble type thing disappeared! I used to have to take things like food from a slot that had formed in the bubble over time, but I could now reach over and touch the table!

Everything was so bright and wonderful. Then it felt as if I fell asleep for a moment. I look around and smile again.

That happiness, though, only lasted for about 5 minutes before the most tragic thing EVER happened! One moment I was looking at my happy, beautiful mother.

The next, I was staring wide-eyed at a frantic mother trapped in a green bubble! The doctors gasp, and then they become stuck in a green bubble type thing, too. To make me better...

they had to get worse. "Clara.." whispered a low, distant voice. "Who said my name?" I cry out. "Do you wish to never have Nexus again?" the voice asks.

Maybe if I say no then everyone else would be okay, I think as though reading this strange person's mind. "No!" I scream in frustration, sorrow, and frightfulness. "Very well..."

I heard a clap, then everything went black... "Clara..Clara?! Wake up!" I felt a cold surge hit my face. I jerk up and bolt awake.

Once I blinked a couple times I realized someone had dumped freezing water all over me. "W-what happened?" I manage to stammer out. "You passed out for some reason.

Probably the medicine," replied Doctor Mourn. Psh, no side effects my butt, I thought. "How long was I uh passed out for?" I ask, more clearly this time.

"Only five minutes," Doctor Mourn shrugs. "We were still very worried, though!" adds Mom. Then, she gasps. I panic again. "What's wrong?" I froze in fear.

All she did was run up and hug me as hard as she could. I hugged her back, remembering the fact that the Nexus was gone and that the voice was a strange, realistic dream.

Even though there was a pretty scary side effect, I was all better and could live a normal life...almost.

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