My Crazy Seventh Grade Trip to Gettysburg :
My Crazy Seventh Grade Trip to Gettysburg :  schooltrip stories

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The story about the time I went with my friends and hyper friend on a school trip. I ended up flirting with my crush in secret.

My Crazy Seventh Grade Trip to Gettysburg :

Hailey, Courtney, Angie and I all met up on the bus. It was the moment we had been waiting for... a trip to Gettysburg. I turn my head around to secretly look for my crush.

The bus ride seemed forever, but we finally arrived at Hershey Park. Hailey was jumping up and down after she ate some chocolate. We headed back on the bus and began our 5 hour journey.

Hailey, Courtney, Angie and I all sat and watched a movie. My friends and I ended up separating when we went to the gym because I wanted to play pool while they wanted to swim.

They had these tracks, so I started to walk and text my friends that were still at home.

All of a sudden I look up and guess who I see? Colin, the guy I have a crush on but am too scared to tell.

His brown eyes shot over across at me and I felt my heart drop all the way down to my stomach. He walked over with his friend Zane.

“Hey Jessica, would you like to play pool with us?” I politely agreed, but in my head I was screaming. During our game of pool, Colin seemed to be acting shy near me.

The night was going great, but then we left to go to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, things got crazy with Hailey.

She was hiding in the closet and singing songs because her personality just made her plain hyper. I glance over at her laughing loud and say, “hush, your going to...

” All of a sudden we hear a knock. Hailey tries to open it, I say no. Standing on my toes, I look through a peep hole and recognize the person, so I open the door. “Would you girls be quiet.

It is time for bed. We have a long day tomorrow. All of my friends fell asleep after that, but I was lying awake in bed thinking of Colin and his brown eyes.

My phone rings and I see that it’s a message from him, so I answer. Fast forward to the next day, we are all fighting over the bathrooms because we have to get ready really early.

Angie starts to pound on the door and says, “ hurry it up, the bus is going to leave without us Courtney.” I glance over at her and sigh.

“Give the poor girl a break, she was the last one to get ready.” Our first stop before heading to a restaurant and then home was a boring history play.

Quietly, I looked at my phone the whole time praying the teachers would not see me. After that boring adventure, we finally go out to eat.

When our bus pulls in, I see my Bestfriend Jane get off. She happens to be on the same bus as my crush. All of a sudden I see a text message.

“Oh my gosh Jessica, Colin and his friends are annoying me so much. I am so glad this trip is almost over.” She did not know I liked him, so I played it cool.

“Oh yeah, he is pretty annoying huh?” In my mind I was thinking of how cute he was and the way he looked at me. My friends and I all sat at a table and started eating our dinner.

The trip quickly came to an end after our long bus ride home. My dad was waiting for me and I got off and hugged him. He asked me all about my trip.

I told him everything except for the boy I liked. I think that can wait for another year.

**** This really did happen to me, but I did change the names of the friends.****

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