Time is funny
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kabbadikaz Raw poetry in Portuguese and English
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It's funny, I'm as far away from being 16 as I am from being forty... And I was 16 just yesterday.

Time is funny

It's funny... I'm as far away from being 16 as I am from being forty.

I got nothing going on for me, no ambitions and no shorty.

Because nothing ever lasts, teen years they went so fast, I had a blast... I didn't ask for them...

The boredom... Every second passed is post mortum.


It was a blessing is disguise, living every night twice, now everytime I close my eyes I know I won't go back in time.

My solution is to sulk, a delusional adult, Peter pan my hairy ass I'm an illusion of the hulk.

I'm an angry green man, swinging left and right hooks, fighting clocks against time, going against the books.

I'm a young Frankenstein, a monster made of human bits, because I lost my humanity chasing dragons and tits.

A few gray hairs shining like the sun in Miami, while I clench my fists angry, like I'm holding my last pennies.

As the veins dilate. Crow feet on my face, teaching younger generations what the fuck was Myspace.

Hair on my chest but never had my own place... Lost my youth taking drugs, and then fleeing from the law, cement pillows were the norm, dirty feet, hurting jaw, high on speed

crashing cars, bloody gums broken teeth, skipping chores, all in all, playing cards in casinos, the eminent "All In", I lived on that adrenaline, mixed with epinephrine, ghosted my own kin...

kicked out by the pops... But I deserved it... It still feels like yesterday, and i kind of miss it in a way, having no care in the world is way much better than they say...

Almost 10 years have passed and I'm aware of my, ways I lived enough to be responsible but was I? I was a young fool scamming to get high, And now I wait as I watch the paint dry, counting sheep...

...getting one day closer to die

All this hype, they say that life is awesome but I,

Just wanna be left alone and moan, groan and shout till I cry.

Time is funny, what used to suck is now part of my youth, Might've well kept going until I fell from a roof. - Augusto Cordeiro

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