How Perfect is the Moon?
How Perfect is the Moon? toxic stories

ka just a sad backstory for when im rich
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He knew he would be doing me a favor by letting me shine on my own, yet he couldn't resist letting me go.

How Perfect is the Moon?

how perfect is the moon?

how he sits eternally in darkness and gracefully accepts whatever light the Sun can give

looking effortlessly stunning using the bit of gleam he can get

how perfect is it that he orbits around her, hesitant to get near her, just so she can have her spotlight

how perfect it is that he waits every hundreds years to kiss his forbidden lover for just about 7 minutes

he kisses her for all to see but yet sets her free

he is too dark, too far, and too much of a shadow to stay

he doesn't want to dim her, dismiss her, nor diminish her, so he'd rather stay away

so he loves her from afar

running around in circles just trying to see her glow

he stays away in hopes she only becomes greater

never absorbing her strength but reflecting what she gives

how fucking perfect is the moon?

how perfect were you?

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