Lost Phone
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"Why did you kidnap that woman?"

"Because I missed you."

Can you save her or will your past return?

Lost Phone

You are on your way home.

It’s already dark outside. You are alone.

While you are walking down the street, you see something.

You step closer. It’s a phone.

Should you check if it’s still working?

No. You are already late.

Suddenly the display lightens up.

You take the phone with you.

You are now at home, sitting on your old couch. You are holding the phone in your hands.

You see the home screen. There is a message.

You open it.

“Hello? Please help me! Please!”

“Please, answer. You are my only chance.”

You hesitate. Is this a joke?

“Hello??? Please!! I am trapped. I need your help. I don’t have much time.”

You take a deep breath.

And answer: “Hello? Who is this? I found this phone on the street.”

“Oh my god. You answered. Okay, good. Help me get out of here.”

You answer: “This is a joke, right?”

“No! God no! It’s not a joke. Please just help me.”

“Okay...I am calling the police.”

“No! No police. He said no police. Just help me "

"Okay, no police. Tell me what happened. Maybe it helps" you type with shaking hands.

"I only can remember that I was on my way home. I saw a man. Then everything is gone. I woke up in this dark room. There was only this phone with this number."

"He said if Iwant to live, the person behind this phone is my only chance."

You ask yourself how you could help this person.

"Tell me what you can see or feel." you type.

*after a few minutes*

"I can see a little window. And there is a wooden door."

"Try to open the door. And can you see something through the window?."

"Okay, I will try it. "

"I can´t open it. It is to heavy."

"Tell me what you can see through the window then."

" I can see a tiny garden. Three old trees and a pink swing."

You get a strange feeling. That cant be true.... No. No, that is not possible.

You type quickly: "Is there a blue bench too?"

"Yes it is. How did you know that? Do you know where I am???"

"Yes. I know where you are."

You stand up and grab a tiny box.

It contains some papers.

A letter.

A key.

And a knife.

Dark memories come back.

The phone rings. "Hello?? Are you there? What is going on?"

You take the key and the knife.

" I am coming to get you."

You leave your house.

Your mind is blurred.

After 20 minutes, you arrive.

You step closer. The front door is open.

You step inside.

In the kitchen there is sitting a man.

You need a moment to recognize him.

"Hello Darling. Nice to see you again." the man says.

" I thought you were dead" you answer.

He smiles. "Oh honey. You thought you could kill me?"

"Why did you kidnap this woman?" you ask.

"I wanted so see you again. I thought it would be funny."

You get angry.

"Did you miss me?"

He stands up and comes closer to you.

"Stay away from me you monster" you shout.

"Aww come on baby. We had a good time. Did you forget all the things we have done?"

You shake your head. You haven´t forgotten. You know what he made you do.

"Good. You remember. " "Now to the woman." "I will let her go if you come with me and be mine."

Your heart beats faster. What should you do? You can´t be with him...not again. He was your first...and your last.

When you were with him, you became a dark person. The demons inside you got bigger and bigger. Your mind was blurred. You can´t let this woman die.

"Babe. What do you say?"

"Okay..." "I am coming with you."

A big smile appears on his face. He pulls you into a hug. You press your head against his chest. He gets you ....again.

He takes your hand and you go to your old room.

He opens the door.

A woman is laying on the ground.

She is holding a phone in her hands.

"I will let the door open. She can go when she wakes up."

"What did you give her?" you ask.

"Oh just something to calm her down. She went a little crazy."

He once again takes your hand and you step outside.

"Where do you want to go my love?"

" I want to go to paradise" you answer while looking him in the eyes.

"Anything you want my love" he says. He kisses you softly on the lips.

You take his hand.

And he takes your life.

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