my dear, my beautiful flower
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an expression of sapphic love

my dear, my beautiful flower

side by side we sit

roots planted firmly in the ground

our vines so gradually growing closer to one another.

I reach, under the cover of darkness

aching to feel the touch of your smooth leaves.

my brittle branches reach all but to you, my dear

and alas the sun arrives

and yet again I retreat-

we are destined to dance apart another day.

I watch as you grow,

and blossom,

and bloom-

beautiful pigments of mauve and violet littering

the ground beneath your stem

days fade into night, and night warms into day

even the quaint mice using your leaves for shelter

pause to admire your vibrant colors,

your sureness,

and your beauty.

I dream of you, my dear

of the day when our vines shall intertwine.

I yearn to grow into you until my roots

cannot be distinguished from yours.

I wake every morning to the songbirds chirping your name,

and rest each night with the thought of you beside me.

beautiful flower,

I would give my last sip of water to watch you bloom another day.

I catch my breathe

on the thought of your love

each time I seek to show you how I feel.

I shall grow quietly,



until my vines have the strength

to envelop you with the love you so deeply deserve.

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