Viral Patience
Viral Patience covid 19 stories

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In times of tough love, pain, life and healing during Covid-19.


Viral Patience

i. i think it bore from my jawbone. serrated bloodstone crystal flashed threats of warfare to my teeth, those teeth sinking into irony. pressure causes combustion.

i have never clenched my jaw so tight. my cheeks are cut from the diamonds i made in the back of my throat, perfect lungs for thickening smoke, perfect tongue for empty words.

a shattered window heart and there is still glass in my veins, it carves the walls of my arteries like knives in my bloodstream, a surviving soldier's warning to the next wave, let me stay,

let me stay let me stay.

ii. my mother told me it's sensible to be afraid of the virus, i held my shoulder and dreamed of next october, hoping it'll be nothing like last july.

i think it's hard to say at twenty three that you don't have lonely all worked out. it's hard to scream lonely with angels in quarantine and runaways in lockdown.

we laugh at the juxtaposition with two metres in between. like you were the blue skies and i the lifeless cities, i screamed wait for me, wait for me, wait for me.

iii. this is where we hate our new saviours. white lies like when it's all over, i saw your lips crack as you smiled, there is sin nestled in your skin.

i whisper stay safe for me, you say maybe in solstice, and i subdue a hope that we'll make it by autumn.

they're telling us to make art, as if your eyes haven't been hidden in my words for a while now, as if i haven't been screaming heavens when i look at you in hindsight,

like i don't think of you when reading the headlines another falls, another falls, another falls.

iv. sweet angel unclench your fists, hellfire we harvest won't age well with time.

this is no fight for survival, no omniscient god behind it all, pushing pitchforks into your palms trying to stop something viral.

i hope you stop tasting the bitter in your morning black coffee, i hope you know it's valid to feel scared when everyone appears happy.

i hope you know the birds will sing just as loud when we're out of quarantine, this curfew got us feeling like we're choking but breathe easy, breathe easy, breathe easy.

v. there are bloodied teeth behind clinical masks, soldiers in scrubs hoping this case will be the last, soldiers stacking shelves praying this'll pass sooner.

baptised by strangers putting their lives at risk, in crisis and destruction they still remain selfless, i hope you remember to them we owe everything.

rose peach clouds make this sunset look renaissance, hopes for a better day tomorrow is echoed by the nation, it's frustrating, but isolation is advantageous,

clear skies will sooner come but please be patient, be patient, be patient

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