Bloody Summer
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Right before summer ends, a serial killer stalks his next unexpected visitor.

Bloody Summer

A serial killer that goes by the name of The Red Bee has been on the news lately.

They would only kill in summertime as there would be more people coming to visit Pensacola Beach, Florida for vacation. But now summer was almost over and they had to kill one more person.

A group of college sophomores went to go to the beach to have fun before they had to go back to school in the fall. They had brought plenty of sodas and snacks in a bag and cooler.

However, as they made their way to the beach, The Red Bee had seen them and started to follow them.

The Red Bee was dressed entirely in a swimsuit which resembles a life guard swimsuit and was carrying a medical bag.

In the medical bag was their signature weapon, a syringe filled with lethal poison. They would watch the college sophomores from a distance so they wouldn't be suspicious.

One of the college sophomores, a tall brunette lady went to go swim in the ocean as her other friends ate their snacks and drank soda.

The Red Bee saw their chance to strike and followed the tall brunette.

She was swimming near the shallow water and was diving under water. The Red Bee went into the ocean and went underwater with syringe in hand.

Before the brunette could resurface, The Red Bee grabbed her and injected her neck with the syringe and swam away.

A few minutes later, The Red Bee went back to the sandy beach and left the area and smiled a wicked grin in victory.

By the time the other college sophomores went into the water, they saw their friend floating on the surface face down. As they went closer to her, they screamed which alerted other swimmers.

It was too late for the brunette as she was the final victim for that years bloody summer.

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